Cecily's Choc Orange vegan Freakshake

Cecily's Choc Orange vegan Freakshake

What is a freakshake I hear you cry? Well it's a drink dessert mash up - and quite frankly it's delicious.  This delicious choc orange milksake is made with oatmilk and Cecily's vegan ice cream. 

You need 

For the shake, just blend:⁣⁠

+ 120g of Cecily's Choc Orange 
+ 150ml of oat milk⁠
+ 2 tsps cacao powder⁣⁠
+ 1 tsp of chocolate spread ⁣⁠
+ some ice cubes ⁣⁠
Then topped topped with the goooods...⁣⁠
Add 2 scoops of Cecily's ice cream - add your favourite flavours - they all work. 
+ chocolate orange millionaire squares⁣⁠
+ orange and chocolate peanut choc’ums ⁠
+ a drizzle of chocolate spread ⁣⁠
+ 1 tsp of cacao nibs ⁣⁠

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