Cecily’s ice cream – saving the planet one tub at a time!

Cecily’s ice cream – saving the planet one tub at a time!

With Cop21 coming to Glasgow next month is one of the most important conferences ever about what government can do about climate change. We are all affected by climate change and I think everyone knows that something needs to be done but It can feel massively overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Do I ditch my gas boiler but what do I replace with? I only brough my car last year I can’t afford to replace it with an electric one. It all feels really tricky and lots of big things which can seem overwhelming– but one things you can do – that is perhaps more achievable is to cut down on your meat and dairy consumption.  If you can do one day a week meat and dairy free it can make a huge difference – google meatfree Monday for recipes and tips.

We want to be an ethical and sustainable company. We also want to make an ice cream that tastes good but also does some good for the planet. Makin plant-based swaps is the biggest way we can all reduce global greenhouse emissions. That is where you can get involved.

All the Cecily’s team live and work in Cornwall and we can see the affects of rubbish in the seas – when it’s washed up on our beaches. We can see the affects of pollution and we want to be a company that is good for the planet and be responsible.  Although we are not perfect and as a company we do strive to do better and want to continue improving. We know have a long way to go our sustainability journey but we do try. We source our coconuts from a farm in Sri Lanka that is committed to paying their workers a fair wage and only uses humans to harvest their coconuts The coconuts are shipped via sea freight not air - to reduce our emissions. We then produce all our ice cream locally in Cornwall. 

Our packaging is now recyclable for our 460ml tubs – our 100ml are more recyclable but still have a lid and a spoon that can’t be – we are working on solutions as we don’t believe in settling as we need to be better.

When our ice cream nears the end of its shelf life, we distribute it to food banks as we would not want to see it going to waste. When Fairshare Cornwall launches, and their (frozen) distribution network is running we want to work with them when we have products that we can’t sell.

Cecily is working hard to make Cecily’s B-corp over the next year – it’s one of the key ambitions for the company.

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