You might have seen in the news recently that there have been reports of brands using coconuts have been harvested by monkeys. This practice typically used in Thailand This practice is abhorrent and one we strongly condemn. Our coconuts come from the world’s largest coconuts plantation in Indonesia - where all our coconuts are ethically harvested by humans.

Using monkeys to harvest coconuts is sadly all too common as they demand has increased in the last decade. This is why we are proudly registered with the Vegan Society. Every year we have to pass a strict audit renewal - part of which checks that our coconut suppliers do not use monkeys to harvest their crops. PETA carried out an investigation and we spoke to them about this issue and they have confirmed that we are on their list of approved coconut brands.

Another thing to look out for, especially in ice creams is gums and mono-diglycrides listed on the ingredients. They can often be, either derived from, processed or extracted using animal parts. We have spent countless, days, weeks, months sourcing ingredients to ensure this is not the case.

Look out for products have the Vegan Society stamp mark on them.

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